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SoundGym Review: The Best Online Tool for Audio Ear Training?


As a producer and a musician, you need to have above average listening skills. Listening resolution is a glass ceiling that limits creative potential.

What makes good artists and producers stand out from average music producers is the fact that they have better listening skills. This enables them to detect even the slightest modulation of sound. This makes a really huge difference in the quality of output that the music producers and artists produce.

As a music producer, you need to have advanced hearing skills. You need to have abilities such as being able to detect which sound is more compressed than the other, or which frequency is more boosted than the other, just to mention but a few. Normally, this skill can be acquired after years of training and keen listening of instrumentals for the slightest of details.

In recent times, there has been the development of online ear training platforms which help you to develop these skills at a faster rate.

One such platform is known as SoundGym. Let’s review it!

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What is SoundGym?

SoundGym is an online platform which helps music producers and sound engineers to train their ears to become better equipped to make better and informed decisions while mixing thus resulting in the making of better music. Just as the name suggests, it is a gym for your ears. It helps in developing your skills to scope sounds accurately while mixing.

SoundGym aims at improving your core listening skills by enabling you to detect subtle nuances and enhance your listening resolution. The training of your listening skills is done through the incorporation of a series of games. You are able to track stats in order to monitor your progress.

In order to make SoundGym more fun, there is a social concept, where you are able to follow friends and compare your scores with other people on the platform. There are leaderboards, prizes and awards to be won. SoundGym is user-friendly and can be used by both beginners and professionals to hone their music skills.

My story with SoundGym

I am a sound engineer. I help in the production of a recording by balancing and adjusting sound sources. In order to accomplish this, use audio effects, mixing, equalization, reinforcement, and reproduction of sound. In order to be a quality sound engineer, you are required to have listening skills which are over the charts. This requires a lot of passion and years of practice.

Recently, a colleague of mine introduced me to an online platform known as SoundGym, meant to train me to enhance my listening skills to be able to detect even the most subtle nuances and enhance my listening resolution. I should inform you that I am already a professional sound engineer whose listening skills are already above average and I am pretty good at what I do. I naturally decided that it was a waste of time, but out of curiosity, I decided to try it out anyway. A decision that I do not regret.

I was impressed by the game approach SoundGym took to train listening skills. Not only was it fun, but it was also very addictive. I found myself learning without even trying. By the end of the month, my listening skills had significantly improved and I could be able to detect frequency, whether a track is compressed among other skills more accurately than before. This has made me more efficient at what I do since I am able to complete tasks such as mixing faster and better than what I initially used to do.


Key Features of SoundGym

  • SoundGym Doctor

This feature provides a hearing test for users of this platform. The SoundGym Doctor helps you to determine the highest frequency that you can hear. It enables you to discover the limits of your hearing. It also helps you to determine which ear is better. Through SoundGym, you can also measure how good your ears are by comparing your ears with those of other people.

  • Games

The game feature in SoundGym offers a variety of games which help in the training of your listening skills. Each game focuses on the improvement of specific listening skills, delivering a learning experience which is effective and comprehensive with measurable results. The games include EQ Knight, which focuses on improving your equalization skills, Dr. Compressor, which helps you determine which sound is more compressed, DB King, which improves your skills in selecting the right amplitude change in DB, among several other games.

  • Stats

The Stats feature in SoundGym provides information on your progress while using SoundGym. This feature helps you monitor your progress as you continue using SoundGym. There are also leaderboards in each game which enables you to compare yourself with other users of the platform worldwide. You can also compare your starts with only your friends.

  • Community

SoundGym is a social platform. Through the community feature, you can be able to communicate with other users of the platform. You can also compare your stats to see how the other users are progressing. Through comparison of the data obtained from the SoundGym Doctor, you can be able to measure how good your ears are.

  • School

With the School feature, you are able to assign to a learning programme which will help in bettering your audio skills. The learning programmes which you can assign yourself to include Recording and Audio Engineering, Electronic Music Production, Mix and Mastering, Synthesis and Sound Design and Live Sound. There is also the SoundGym certification, which is an acknowledgement for the achievement of outstanding personal and educational feats.

soundgym certification

  • Virtual Studio

Throughout the game, after accomplishing certain feats and achieving your targets, you get to earn coins. These coins enable you to buy instruments with which you can set up a virtual studio.

What to expect from SoundGym

When using SoundGym, you should expect a guaranteed improvement in your listening skills. You should also expect to have fun because of the game approach taken by SoundGym.

How does SoundGym work?

SoundGym works by involving games in the learning of listening games. Through the games, you get to learn skills such as colouration, compression, frequency detection, detection of gain difference and the spatial impression among other skills.

Each game measures a specific skill and provides results with which you can measure your progress as you develop your audio skills. There is also personalized training that fits your abilities which help you achieve your goals.

Price and plans

soundgym pricing

The basic membership to SoundGym is free. There is however a limited number of activities to partake in under this plan.
In the pro plan, you gain access to the full training program with more personalized workouts, games, premium sounds, focused training and much more. The subscription fee to the pro plan is $14.95 per month or $119 per year.


  • The learning process is conducted in a fun way
  • There is a guaranteed improvement in your listening skills
  • You are able to establish your own virtual studio
  • Can be used by both beginners and professional producers
  • Has a social feature through which you are able to interact with other users of the platform


  • It is only available on PC hence cannot be used on the phone
  • The pro version is relatively expensive
  • The free version does not provide a lot of services

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SoundGym is one of the best online tools to use to improve your listening skills in the field of music.

It is user-friendly and can be used by both beginners and professionals. It makes trying to improve your listening skills fun.

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