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Tunecore Vs Ditto: Which Music Distributor Should You Join?


Online music distribution platforms are web services that help artists sell music online. Online music distribution is a rapidly expanding industry that is making major strides in helping independent and up and coming artists get the proper distribution of their music.

There are several players making moves in this industry. Some of the largest ones are Tunecore and Ditto, two major music distribution companies. Both of them are heavily involved in supporting independent and upcoming artists in the distribution of their music.

This article is a review of both Tunecore and Ditto, comparing the advantages each company has over the other, with the aim of helping you determine which of these two will work best for you when it comes to distributing your music.


Tunecore is an online music distribution platform that provides up and coming and independent artists with the necessary tools to distribute their music to their fans in different parts of the world. With Tunecore, you will be able to circulate your music on the internet without help from a music label.

Tunecore is one of the leading platforms in the world when it comes to distribution and sales of music. The platform allows you to access a large network of online music stores including major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, Tidal, among others. Having your music distributed to such major online music stores helps you get fans from all over the world.

Tunecore users get to keep 100% of the revenue that their music generates. You are not charged any commission, meaning that you get to keep all the earnings from royalties.

The platform also has an impressive set of tools that are designed to help you get the best experience out of it. It is through these features that your music gets a gateway to the international market.

tunecore review

Tunecore users get publishing administration. With publishing administration, you can collect all the revenue that your music generates all over the world without leaving anything behind.

You get to collect 100% of your royalties from people playing your music anywhere in the world. Publishing administration allows artists to create music without fear of losing money. This service is unique to Tunecore.

Tunecore also offers master and sync licensing. With this feature, not only will Tunecore help get your music played on video games, TV commercials, and even films, it will also ensure that you get paid. With master and sync licensing, your music gets introduced to a wider and different audience.

To provide this service, Tunecore has partnered with a number of several reputable performing rights organizations that will ensure that you get to keep all the royalties that your music will get if it is played on such platforms.

The platform also has a social media tool that is very effective when it comes to connecting you with various social media platforms. This feature allows you to interact with your audience and also updates your social media sites with information concerning your music such as the number of new releases, among many others. The platform also allows you to post on both Twitter and Facebook infinitely, but only for Social and Social Pro users.

Tunecore also has an analytics and reporting tool that gives you the demographics including where most of your listeners come from, and the rate at which your songs are being downloaded, which is very important especially when planning your career path.

Tunecore also features an ultra-responsive payout tool that makes it easy to receive payment for downloads and streams made on your music. The payment options available to Tunecore users include payment via PayPal, Check, or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

You can withdraw your payments at any time without having to worry about overcoming any threshold. The platform also has a payment splitting tool that allows you to send payment to individual members of a band.

Tunecore is free to join and there are no charges when signing up. For you to distribute a single through the platform, you pay an annual fee of $9.99. To distribute an album, you are charged a distribution fee of $29.99 for the first year which increases to an annual fee of $49.99 for subsequent years.

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Ditto is an online music distribution platform that provides upcoming and independent artists with a simple way to distribute their music worldwide. The platform does a wonderful job distributing music on platforms such as YouTube and Vevo.

Ditto has several impressive features. With the platform, you are able to set up a Vevo YouTube channel and upload your video assets. To set up a Vevo channel and upload a video, it will cost you $99. To upload a video only will cost you $29.

Ditto also has social media integration that helps to develop your social influence and engagement. For you to get a 4 week Instagram campaign that drives thousands of potential listeners to your profile, you are charged $349. To get a 6-week campaign that targets Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Snapchat, you are charged $1,699.

The platform also has a radio service that conducts a 6-week campaign to target DJs, producers, national and regional stations, and key decision-makers.

For the service to include Radio plugging and PR, it will cost you $3,199. For the service to include coordination of your Radio PR, PR, Spotify advertising, Social media, Vevo and store promo campaigns, it will cost you $3,999.

The platform also features a PR campaign to help your music get heard by key influencers and media outlets for more exposure. A PR campaign that targets national and regional press exposure costs $1,699. One that works to generate buzz with new fans via online mediums, social media, and print media costs $2,999.

The platform also features a tool known as Record Label in a Box that allows you to start a record label. The tool provides you with complete software and management suite to help you to track your money and manage your royalties. Record Label in a Box costs between $199 and $599.

Ditto also provides analytics and reporting. The platform provides you with analytics and reports breakdown for the releases of your music and videos. The information is updated regularly.

ditto review

The customer service of Ditto has received a fair share of negative press. There are claims that the quality of their customer service is poor. Nonetheless, the platform has 24/7 customer service and a very comprehensive F.A.Q.

Ditto is free to join giving users the chance to check out the platform before committing to it financially. Users of the platform get to keep 100% of the commissions their music generates. They charge an annual fee for you to distribute music on their platform.

For an artist to get unlimited distribution on the platform, you are charged an annual fee of $19. For two artists, you are charged an annual fee of $29 while for a label consisting of a maximum of five artists, the annual fee is $69. The charges for the label increases with the number of artists in the label.

This seems to be a decent price but as you use the platform, you will realize that there are some hidden fees especially on features that will be important to you. Payouts by Ditto are only made using Payoneer.

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What are the Pros of Tunecore Compared to Ditto

  • Tunecore has different payout options including PayPal unlike Ditto where payouts are only made using Payoneer
  • They have a reliable customer support system unlike Ditto whose customer support system has several bad reviews
  • Tunecore offers publishing administration for free while Ditto does not offer publishing administration
  • With Tunecore any artist can get YouTube monetization while on Ditto, only select users get YouTube monetization
  • Tunecore does not have hidden fees while Ditto has a lot of hidden fees

What are the Cons of Tunecore Compared to Ditto

  • Tunecore charges a YouTube commission of 20% while Ditto does not charge any commission
  • Tunecore charges a fee for adding new streaming outlets while Ditto does not charge any fees
  • Tunecore does not have marketing support that is as strong as that of Ditto

ditto music


Both Tunecore and Ditto are very impressive service providers when it comes to the online distribution of music. Both companies have unique and effective tools that make them stand out from their competitors.

However, Ditto has a lot of hidden fees and some significant customer service issues according to its users. That doesn’t change the fact that it is very effective at what it does, though. Whichever platform you decide to use, I hope this article has been helpful. Good luck!

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