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United Masters Review: Scam or Legit Distributor?


One of the major problems that artists face in the music industry is the recording and distribution of their music. For a long time, artists have depended on record labels to sell and distribute their music.

Most labels, though, have proven to be rather ineffective when it comes to this, probably because they are failing to keep up with the fast-evolving music industry.

Record labels are supposed to help their artists generate albums, distribute their music to all the major streaming platforms, promote their merchandise and concert tickets, and to generate a significant income from their music.

Most of them, however, fail to deliver, leading to the growing number of independent artists in the industry. Luckily, independent artists can breathe a sigh of relief with platforms like United Masters.

With United Masters, artists are given the rare opportunity to effectively distribute their music and earn from their hard work without having to go through the process of searching for a conventional record label.

United Masters has managed to streamline the whole process, making it both dependable and easy. This United Masters review will help you see why it has achieved this feat.

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What is United Masters?

United Masters is a music platform that is designed to help independent artists distribute their music to all the major streaming platforms and to create partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world.

It also ensures that the artists maintain full ownership over their master recording rights.

The platform provides a stage for the artists to be introduced to millions of fans worldwide. It also helps artists to fully utilize their economic and creative potential by providing them with all the necessary tools for them to directly connect with their fans.

United Masters was founded by Steve Stout, the former president of Interscope Records, in 2017. Steve Stout raised a $70 million Series A led by Alphabet, Google’s corporate umbrella, together with 21st Century Fox and the venture firm Andreesen Horowitz.

The company is made up of a team of expert marketers, engineers, musicians, and storytellers from Facebook, Complex, Pandora, YouTube, VICE, Soundcloud, Dropbox and more. It has partnered with several huge corporations to help independent artists gain a huge platform when it comes to music distribution.

One of the gig partnerships that United Masters has made is with the NBA. It will ensure that artists under United Masters will be able to have their tracks players across all NBA properties worldwide.

This will give the artists a much bigger audience.

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Key Features of United Masters

Music distribution

United Masters was built to help artists distribute their music, and this is something that it does really well. Through United Masters, independent artists can distribute their music to major streaming platforms all over the world.

You also get to maintain full ownership of your recording rights.


When you distribute your music with United Masters, you gain access to MasterLinks. These links are generated automatically every time.

MasterLinks is a very convenient feature in the platform as it helps you minimize the time spent copying and pasting your tracks into SmartURL.

With this feature, your music will gain access to as many ears as possible since your fans will be directed to their preferred music service or app whenever they click on it.

When MasterLinks are shared with fans, you will be able to track the number of clicks your music is getting, the streaming services your fans are using to listen to your music and the platforms they are coming from.

The platforms currently included in MasterLinks are Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon. You can put your MasterLink on all the social media platforms that you are active on to make your music even more accessible to your fans.


United Masters also has an incredible analytics and reporting tool. This feature enables you to know how well your music is performing and how it has been received by your audience.

The data collected by this feature is useful for your music career as it can be used to shed light on several aspects of your music. It is collected from various sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and important social media platforms.

The platform provides feedback that lets you know which of your songs has the most listeners and the number of new fans you have. You also get to know where most of your fans are from.

This information is very important as it allows you to adequately plan your tours and concerts, helping you avoid the inconveniences of planning concerts where you have the least number of fans.

The analytics and reporting tool will also allow you to have incredible intelligence about your music career that will guide you through your music career.

United Masters App

united masters artists

United Masters has a phone app available on the iPhone App Store. The app allows you to release music, keep track of the money your music is generating, and to check your streams from the comfort of your phone.

The United Masters app allows you to upload your tracks from Dropbox, iCloud, or directly from text messages. It will also let you upload high-quality cover art.

Social Media Integration

United Masters is also equipped with an impressive social media tool that helps you interact better with your fans. Social media integration is important as it can help you make yourself relevant as you introduce yourself to the music industry.

Free Artist Websites

United Masters allows artists to create and customize their own websites for free. Once you sign up with the platform, you are provided with the website.

Having a website is very important for an artist as it enables you to upload your music videos, highlight your latest releases, sell your merchandise, inform your fans of upcoming shows, and to effectively communicate with your fans, all from one location.

You can also add a short biography of yourself, to give your fans the opportunity of getting to know you better. Once you have edited your website, you can connect your social media accounts to it, making it easier for your fans to access your website.

Earnings Statements

This is an ultra-responsive payout feature that gives you outstanding payout options. The earnings statement gives you a detailed breakdown of the amount of money your music generates every month.

This feature also allows you to access your payment and request your payment via PayPal.

Customer Support

United Masters has a customer support team that is highly responsive and always available to help you resolve any problem you encounter on the platform.

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How Does United Masters Work?

United Masters has an impressive user interface that is user-friendly and easy to use.

To use it, you first have to open an account with the platform. This is absolutely free.

Once you have created an account, you can upload your music on the platform at a fee. When your song is uploaded, United Masters will take care of everything else.

The platform will see to it that your music is distributed to all the major online music stores to be made available to audiences all over the world. All you have to do is to sit back and wait for your music to generate revenue and to access the valuable information made available to you via their analytics feature.


My Experience with United Masters

As a part-time independent artist, my main challenge has always been distributing and selling my music online. For a long time now, I have been struggling to get my music to reach a wider audience.

I stumbled upon United Masters online recently and was pleased with what they had to offer. What caught my attention was the fact that it would distribute my music to all the major online music stores and that I would maintain full ownership over my master recording rights.

I decided to give it a try.

From the moment I first used the platform, I was impressed by the user interface. I could tell that they really put a lot of effort into designing the platform. I signed up, for free I must add, and linked all my social media accounts to the platform.

After signing up, I got a website that I could use to promote my music, also for free. I went uploaded a few songs to the platform. The MasterLinks made it easy for me to get my music to my fans and I have noticed a big change in my music career.

I count myself lucky to have come across United Masters when I did. I have garnered quite a huge following in the short time that I have been using the platform and I am quite positive that the only way is up from here.


United Masters does not charge any upfront fees when getting started. However, for you to distribute your music with the platform, you have to agree to pay 10% of the total revenue your music generates to the company.


  • It has an effective mobile application
  • Has an impressive design that is easy to use
  • It distributes your music to all the major online music stores
  • Artists maintain full ownership over their master recording rights
  • Has a reliable customer support system
  • Provides artists with a free website
  • Has effective analytics and reporting features


  • The 10% commission can translate to a lot of money if you generate significant revenue or if you use the platform over a long time.

united masters own your future


Even though the platform is relatively a new player in the music distribution industry, the services it provides are quite impressive. United Masters does a good job of ensuring that your music is distributed to all the major platforms.

It also does well in promoting your music, giving you much-needed exposure. Soon, the company will surely be a big player in the industry.

This is why I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their music career to the next level.

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