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The 4 Best SoundCloud Bots to Generate Follows, Plays and Likes


As an artist, Soundcloud plays an important role in determining how successful you end up being. There is a lot of competition in the music industry, and any little thing that sets you apart from other artists can make a huge difference in your career.

Therefore, if you want to take your music to the next level, you have to embrace the power of Soundcloud. And if you want to stand out even more, and possibly go viral, Soundcloud bots are an efficient way to do that.

Here is a closer look at the four best Soundcloud bots to help you figure out which one of them will work best for you.



Somiibo is a unique Soundcloud bot that was made with the user in mind. It automates Soundcloud and social media sites, improving engagement and taking their overall online services to the next level.

How Somiibo works

Somiibo works on a reciprocal relationship basis. It interacts with other users, approaching them and encouraging them to interact with your content and follow you. This communication will have these users following your Soundcloud and leaving comments, and this will improve your profile’s performance.

Key features

  • Runs multiple-tasks at the same time

Somiibo can perform multiple modules at a time, which makes it a great tool for reaching thousands of people with your music. You can even automate all of your social media marketing from one place.

  • Manage all your online marketing

Somiibo works on several social media platforms, including SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouLikeHits, and Instagram. With it, you can manage all your social media sites from one place, allowing you to improve your online visibility.

  • Get more followers and Soundcloud plays

Somiibo works great with Soundcloud because it approaches other users and convinces them to check you out. This way, you end up with more plays and more followers, expanding your reach and influence in the industry.


  • Somiibo Basic, which is free. You get access to 2 modules, manage 5 accounts, and are limited to 3 hours of usage.
  • Somiibo Premium, which costs $14.95/month or $149.95/year. You get unlimited modules, up to 30 accounts, and unlimited usage.


  • It is kept up to date and keeps up with the changes in social media sites
  • It is time-efficient and will only require very little effort from you for it to work
  • It allows you to multi-task on several modules at the same time
  • It is easy to get more Soundcloud followers and plays with Somiibo


  • Somiibo is slightly more expensive as compared to other sites and bots
👉 Click here to Download Somiibo for FREE!




AIOStream is a great tool for enhancing the performance of your Soundcloud account. The best part is that it does all this without opening you up to the risk of your account getting suspended or banned because human operation and AIOStream operation are almost exactly the same.

How AIOStream works

AIOStream works on a large number of popular music platforms, including SoundCloud, Pandora, Ultimate Edition, Napster, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Deezer. This is the main reason why it works really well to enhance the performance of your music.

For Soundcloud, AIOStream can help you increase your number of followers, likes, song views, comments, play uploads, shares, and added plays.

Key features

  • Creation of modified tasks

One of the main features of AIOStream is that it allows you to plan and run any task efficiently. You can even run multiple tasks simultaneously. The best part is that creating any one of these tasks is very easy and straightforward.

Plus, complex functions can be accomplished by mixing, sorting, and combining the basic functions such as following, commenting, liking, and playing. All Soundcloud tasks are highly customizable.

  • Automated features

AIOStream allows you to customize Soundcloud tasks such as sharing, liking and commenting, and it can even allow you to do this automatically.

  • Daily updating

AIOStream updates your music performance and progress daily, constantly improving you and exposing you to a wider audience.

  • Schedule task function

This function is the one that determines how your music performs on Soundcloud. With it, you can plan your music to run daily, weekly, or monthly. Plus, it also allows you to switch schedules, pause, resume, or even wait.


AIOStream gets cheaper the longer you opt to commit to it. For example, you save more by going for the one year version compared to the monthly version, and you save more still when you get the lifetime version:

  • Soundcloud Lifetime Version: $297 one time fee
  • Soundcloud One Year Version: $199 per year
  • Soundcloud One Month Version: $127 per month


  • It is easy and straightforward to set up tasks on multiple websites within a very short time
  • The product is very customer-centered with a clear focus on usability and user experience
  • The chances of increasing your song’s views, likes, and followers are high


  • It can quickly get expensive. You end up paying more for not committing to it for a longer time.
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SoundCloud Manager

soundcloud manager

Soundcloud Manager is an automation software that allows you to promote your music and get thousands of Soundcloud users to play, listen, communicate and share your tracks on Soundcloud. It also promotes your music directly to influencers and decision-makers in the music industry.

Soundcloud Manager can send text messages, add comments, share your music, send out friend requests to fans on your behalf, and initialize interactions between you and potential listeners. So if you have this bot, you do not have to waste too much time setting up new promotion channels because it will have you covered on all fronts.

Key features

  • Soundcloud promotion

Soundcloud Manager boosts your Soundcloud account by promoting it on your behalf. It allows you to build your audience by increasing your number of followers, posting your music more times, getting you more likes, getting you more real comments, and getting your music into more playlists.

  • Soundcloud automation

Soundcloud Manager automates all your Soundcloud tasks. This means it will handle all your liking, commenting, and even adding songs to playlists, leaving you with more time to make your music.

  • Increased followers, reposts, plays, and likes

It will boost your audience and improve your channel’s visibility. Plus, you get unlimited Soundcloud tracks and plays, more followers, likes, and comments, which means you and your music will become more and more exposed to an increasingly larger audience.


Soundcloud Manager costs $127.


  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • The platform is flexible when performing promotions
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with their service


  • Free public proxies may fail to work sometimes
  • There are lots of fake Soundcloud accounts so it can be difficult to tell what’s real and what isn’t
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Soundbolt is a Soundcloud bot that adds advanced functionality to the platform, including automation, visual enhancements, and enhanced communication capabilities. With this tool, you can easily take your experience on the platform and your performance on Soundcloud to the next level.

How it works

Soundbolt is basically a marketing tool that was created to help you get your Soundcloud plays off the ground. It comes packed with amazing engagement tools that will go a long way in helping you improve your channel.

It works just as well with both simple and complex tasks. Soundbolt will help you as the track creator to upload, play, comment, like, interact with your core audiences, and discover other track users.

This means with Soundbolt, every musician, new or old, can get the opportunity to boost their creative careers and be heard and noticed in this industry.

Key features

  • Multi-tasking feature

Soundbolt gives you the ability to multi-task. This means that the bot can handle multiple Soundcloud tasks perfectly and at the same time.

Additionally, it produces unique and high quality plays within a much shorter time, much shorter than other similar products, which is an added advantage. This means your songs will become more on-demand when using Soundbolt.

  • List of high-quality proxies

Soundbolt bots partners with a list of proxies that allow it to produce high-quality plays and to rapidly complete on-demand tasks. Plus, the customer service you get is amazing, so its high-quality service all around!

  • Task schedule

It comes with a distinct scheduling feature that allows you to boost your plays. Scheduling can include planning to play, pause, resume or wait for a given time, and you can do it all without worrying about potential fails or missed schedules.

  • Repeating feature

It allows you to repeat your music after a certain specified duration. So if you want to play a certain song again after a few minutes, hours, or days, this bot has got you covered.


  • Soundbolt 1 Month Access: $15
  • Soundbolt 3 Month Access: $35
  • Soundbolt Lifetime Access: $95

You get unlimited plays and all features included at all price tiers.


  • Their services are reasonably priced.
  • It can handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Soundbolt has a list of proxies who give quality services


  • It is not recommended for new musicians or artists that are just starting out


Having the right Soundcloud bots can go a long way in helping you build a massive audience within a short amount of time. This is very important for any artist looking to get their career off the ground.

That being said, you need to make up your own mind which bot will work best for you. Look at the features they come with and decide which one sounds better. Are you looking for complete automation or the ability to multitask? Do you want to offer certain promotions to your audience?

Your specific needs are what will determine the final product you opt to go with. That, and your budget. I hope this overview of some of the best Soundcloud bots will help you come to the best decision. Good luck!

👉 Click here to Download Somiibo for FREE!


👉 Click here to Learn More and Download AIO Stream!


👉 Click here to Learn More and Download SoundCloud Manager!

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