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The 7 Best Services to Buy REAL SoundCloud Followers, Plays and Reposts


We all know at least one incredibly talented artist who hardly gets the recognition they deserve. We also know that one artist who is much less talented, yet books gigs left, right and center, selling records and enjoying commercial success.

So why does this happen? Why don’t talented musicians thrive? Well, a lot of factors come into play, including connections, money, and sometimes, just pure luck. However, arguably the biggest factor in the success of any artist is marketing.

Marketing is the reason why we pick the products we do. Think about it. When you go to the store to buy a tub of ice cream, why do you pick the brand you pick? Why not go for any other brand? Perhaps you saw it in an ad and decided you just had to try it. Or maybe a friend or family member told you about it. Either way, it is a classic case of marketing done right.

In the same way, your fans will only know your song exists (or you exist, for that matter) when you market yourself to them. And one of the best ways to do this is through a platform like Soundcloud.

In a lot of ways, Soundcloud is to music what Youtube is to videos. It can help you grow your music career in a massive way. You can get a head start on the platform by buying real SoundCloud followers and plays.

Here are a few platforms you can use to get started:

Repost Exchange


“We help artists get heard.”

With such a slogan, it is no wonder a lot of artists are happy to join Repost Exchange. It is a platform that allows artists to grow their fan base organically.

So, how do you get started? Well, the platform is free to join. When you sign up, you get 30 credits that you can use to reach up to 3000 fans on SoundCloud. These credits give you targeted reposts of your music and get it to a wider fan base. What’s more, you can also repost music that you enjoy from other artists and earn credits.

There is also the FollowScore feature, which is an algorithm that ensures you get only real followers. The algorithm detects suspicious and nonactive users, protecting the interests of members and preventing the growth of low-quality accounts.

Besides the limited free plan, Repost Exchange has paid plans that start from $9 a month.


  • It allows you to get your music to a larger audience.
  • You get to network with likeminded people, including artists, DJs, music promoters, and fans who can help you push your music.
  • It is a great platform to test whether your song is a hit or a miss because all the follows, likes, and reposts are organic and real.

Cons of repost exchange

  • If you are just starting out and money is tight, you will not grow your fan base quickly.
  • It is only compatible with Soundcloud, so you cannot use it for other platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, and Youtube.
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Omari MC SoundCloud Promotion Service

Omari MC Spotify Promotion Service

This promotion service was created by Nathaniel (Omari) Moore. He is a former music producer who started his craft as a teenager in Pittsburgh, PA.

Omari MC prides itself on being the No 1 Google ranked music promo service in SoundCloud & Spotify. They provide promotion services and packages on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, & Instagram.

Their premise is that they will get your music to over 40M+ followers on their channel list. And whatever genre you are in, they will get your music out there. The only caveat though is that your music should not be explicit.

To get started with this service, simply log on to the website and fill out the order form. If you want your order at the front of the line for them to start working on right away you will have to pay an extra $17. A standard 4-7 business day delivery is completely free.

Omari MC relies on all organic promotion. Therefore, how well your song does will depend on its quality. The likes, comments, and followers that will come your way all depend on how good your song is.


SoundCloud organic promotion:

  • Repost to 1.25 million followers costs $77
  • Repost to 2.5 million followers costs $147
  • Repost to 10 million followers costs $357


  • It gets you further than free submission sites
  • Your song is placed before people who are genuinely interested in listening to your stuff, so the audience engagement is much higher
  • They also pitch your music to their network of bloggers who post your music to their networks voluntarily
  • It helps you build a larger fan base


  • It can be a little expensive for an artist who is just starting out
  • It may or may not work since it is all organic traffic from human users who may decide to follow then later unfollow you
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If you are just starting out as an artist, it may be hard to get the attention you deserve from the very beginning. That’s where onlinemusicpromotion.net comes in.

Just like the other promotion services, they push your music and get it to the ears of the a wider audience. This platform is highly effective in getting you likes and follows very rapidly, making it possible to get that social proof that you need as an artist much sooner.


There are different packages for SoundCloud plays, followers and likes. For plays:

  • 500 plays for $0.99
  • 1000 plays for$1.99
  • 2000 plays for $2.99
  • 3000 plays for $4.99
  • 5000 plays for $7.99
  • 10000 plays for $14.99
  • 20000 plays for $19.99
  • 50000 plays for $39.99
  • 100000 plays for $69.99
  • 500000 plays for$99.99

For followers, their package ranges from 100 followers for $3.99 to 40k followers for $297.1


  • You get real follows and likes, no bots
  • Reliable 24/7 support
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

Cons of onlinemusicpromotion.net

  • Since the plays, followers, and likes are paid it may be difficult to know if your music is that good.
  • Since the followers are bought the engagement on your page may be of low quality.



SE is a social media marketing company that grows accounts on Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Social Empire assures an artist when they launch a campaign with them they can track their gains in plays, likes, reposts, and comments from their 5M+ users’ network.


There are different price tiers for Soundcloud plays and followers. For the plays:

  • 500 plays for $2.49
  • 1000 plays for $4.49
  • 3500 plays for $6.49
  • 5000 plays for $8.49
  • 10000+ plays for $14.49

For followers:

  • 100 followers for $4.49
  • 250 followers for $8.49
  • 500 followers for $12.49
  • 1000 followers for $18.49
  • 1500+ followers for $22.49


  • You get high-quality plays and follows
  • It is a great way to get your song more airtime and in front of a larger audience
  • Your music will get high-quality engagement thereby boosting your accounts’ credibility.


  • Just like other platforms, buying plays and followers is a little frowned upon in the industry because ‘good music should play itself.’
  • It is a little expensive without all the options that some of the competition comes with
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Audience Gain

audience gain

This platform was started in 2015 in Canada and has grown over the years, expanding to several other countries including the US. The company offers social media marketing for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linked In, Snapchat, Twitch and, of course, SoundCloud.

For SoundCloud, it promotes plays, likes, followers and it will also be offering downloads very soon.

To access their services, all you have to do is log on to their website and place your order directly from the site. Then sit back and watch them work their magic for you.


For plays:

  • 1,000 plays $6
  • 5,000 plays $10
  • 10,000 plays $20
  • 50,000 plays $75

For likes, the price ranges from 100 likes for $7 to 1,000 likes for $35.

For followers, the price ranges from $4-$170.


  • It is highly efficient, providing very quick results
  • You get all the social proof you need through plays
  • You get extremely high-quality plays and followers


  • It is one of the most expensive options on this list

Media mister

Media Mister

This company’s tagline is: “We help you to grow your social network.” And they do exactly that.

Media Mister offers social media marketing services to all major social networking sites. For SoundCloud, it offers plays, downloads, followers, likes, and comments at the best price.


Here is a list of their play plans:

  • 500 SoundCloud plays (1-2days)$3.00
  • 1000 SoundCloud plays (1-2 days) $5
  • 2500 SoundCloud plays (1-3days) $9
  • 5000 SoundCloud plays (1-4 days) $17
  • 10000 SoundCloud plays (2-4 days) $30
  • 25000 SoundCloud plays (4-6 days) $55
  • 50000 SoundCloud plays (5-7 days) $95
  • 100000 SoundCloud plays (6-8 days) $175
  • 500000 SoundCloud plays (9-14 days) $750


  • They do exactly what they promise and deliver quality over quantity
  • It is a great way to get your music heard and to grow your audience as an artist


  • The service has mixed reviews on Trustpilot. Therefore, as an artist, you can start with the small packages and see how it works out for you.
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SubPals’ services place more emphasis on Youtube. However, it offers SoundCloud services as well.

The way it works is simple: when you sign up for a paid option, you don’t have to follow any profiles. You will see results in 24-72 hours, and the results will come in daily as the campaign goes along.

SubPals also guarantees to deliver more than expected.


For the plays:

  • 100 SoundCloud plays $10
  • 200 SoundCloud plays $15
  • 500 SoundCloud plays $30
  • 1000 SoundCloud plays $45

For followers:

  • 100 SoundCloud followers $15
  • 200 SoundCloud followers $25
  • 500 SoundCloud followers $45
  • 1000 SoundCloud followers $80


  • They have 982 reviews on Trustpilot and many of them are largely positive reviews.
  • The company really does deliver what they promise, which is a rare thing in this industry


  • Since the followers are human, you might lose them soon after gaining them
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Should I buy SoundCloud plays?

Buying plays can be a mixed bag of goods. It is smart to buy them when starting to get the social proof you need. However, as you grow your fan base as an artist, it is best to grow it organically.

Are bought plays real?

Most of the providers claim the plays are real. Nevertheless, some providers use bots to generate plays. This is why when buying plays use a reputable company (like the ones on this list) that delivers what they promise.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud followers?

It depends on who you are buying them from.

Your main concern should be the quality of followers that you gain. Low-quality profiles result in poor engagement on your account. As a result, you may have the numbers but few plays, likes, comments, and reposts.

Therefore, when choosing to engage these services, make sure you gain real followers who have active profiles. It is perfectly alright to have few followers but with high engagement. Quality engagement should be what you aim for.

Someone is buying plays for me! How can I stop it?

You cannot stop someone from buying plays for you.

Are the SoundCloud followers that I buy going to unfollow me?

It all depends on the quality of followers that you gained at first. Low-quality followers will result in a high attrition rate. However, most service providers guarantee real followers for 365 days, with very low unfollow rates. Give yourself at least a 10% unfollow rate.

Is it illegal to buy followers or plays on SoundCloud?

It is not outrightly illegal or legal, but some people believe it is unethical. The music industry has always prided itself for rewarding people who work their way to the top, so shortcuts are often frowned upon. An artist who buys followers or plays can be seen as lazy. They are seen as having a quick fix mentality that does not work in the music industry.

In the music business, it is universally agreed it takes time to grow an engaged fan base. Also, good music will always find its way to the masses.


Today, almost anyone with the right know-how, passion, and an internet connection can make music. More music is churned out every day than ever before. Genres are evolving every other day, with new sounds coming out from all over the world, giving rise to even more opportunities to make music and engage niche fan bases.

Although this is absolutely fantastic news, the challenge here then becomes getting your music heard. With so much content being created every day, who gets played and who doesn’t? In the end, it becomes a matter of who is willing to spend money to make money, and musicians who are willing to invest in themselves get taken more seriously.

Remember the icecream example at the beginning? You choose your favorite brand of ice-cream because they made themselves known to you through marketing ie TV advertisement.

In the same way, you can make your music known by buying plays and followers. It is the perfect way to rise up the ranks and become someone’s favorite brand of ice cream.

Sadly, there is a dark side to all this. Buying plays creates unfair competition. People believe the media and the hype too much, that’s why you think one particular brand of ice cream might be better than another because it advertises itself more, even though this may not always be true.

This means the musician who does not have the budget to market himself will probably take much longer to make this in this industry, no matter how good they may be. Plus, even if you have the money for it, it often still comes down to how much you are willing to spend. This is what will determine what playlists you get into and exactly who will eventually get to listen to your music.

The more money you spend, the better your position will be, and the faster you will rise up in this industry.

It may not be fair, but it is what it is. As long as people are happy to buy plays and follows, the music everyone eventually gets to listen to may not always be the best music. Instead, all they’ll be getting are sponsored and recommended tracks, which they’ll then conveniently “discover” because someone paid good money to make that happen.

So in the end, your favorite brand of ice cream may not actually be your favorite if you had all the facts and made an objective, uninfluenced decision.

Eventually, even if the artist who is willing to pay for plays may not be as good as the starving artist who is hustling his way up by effort alone, the market becomes accustomed to the music that is paid for and promoted more. This becomes the definition of ‘good music’, and it is what will go mainstream.

The competition is stiff, and the system is rigged. So when it comes to buying followers and plays as a “real artist” who has a “passion for their craft”, you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. And if we are damned either way no matter what, I say we go all the way and do it like the best of them.

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