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MusicSubmit Review: A Legit Way to Promote Your Music?


Once you have done the work of creating your music, your next battle is actually getting it heard and getting that exposure that no artist can survive too long without. Every musician wants to hear their songs played on radio stations all over and getting all the exposure they can get because this is the number one indicator that their music career is thriving.

Submission of music to radios and blogs is one of the best ways to get to lots of listeners and build your audience. The direction you choose to take will depend on a number of factors, including your genre, the overall quality of your music, and your preferred submission platform.

Today, you have a lot of options when it comes to platforms that you can submit your music to. In the long list of these platforms is MusicSubmit.

MusicSubmit is an underdog in this industry, but it still manages to stand out somehow. So is it really worth a shot? This review will help you answer this question.


What is MusicSubmit?

Music Submit is a music submission platform created by Trevor Morris Lyman, an American musician and internet music entrepreneur. He created the platform after leaving his former band, The Demand.

As an indie musician, sometimes you have no other choice than to take care of your music submission by yourself. This is where MusicSubmit comes in.

MusicSubmit has made it possible for independent artists to bypass major record labels and to market their songs directly via the internet.

Today, the organization, which is currently co-owned by the founder, promotes music via radio, music magazines, indie labels, and internet marketing like blogs and podcasts.

As a music submission platform, MusicSubmit also creates jobs for reviewers and bloggers, something that has become quite a big deal for the platform.

My experience with MusicSubmit

I have only been using MusicSubmit for a few months now. However, in that time, I have come to appreciate just how robust and useful this platform is.

Firstly, the interface is very user-friendly and very easy to use. Everything is laid out intuitively, so you will never be forced to go through hundreds of clicks to complete a task.

Secondly, I really appreciate the MusicSubmit review platform. Most of the other music submission platforms that I have worked with had a somewhat blind review directive.

With MusicSubmit, you get to maintain a direct link with the reviewer. Your song’s reviewer can communicate directly with you through a custom message so you will always know what led to the acceptance or rejection of your song.

After I had submitted my songs to the platform, I was pretty surprised when all the blogs, radio stations, and other places that I chose to submit my music to reviewed my songs and gave me feedback. Granted, some of them wanted me to ship physical CDs to them, which I ignored because that’s their fault for not keeping up with the times.

Another thing that has really stood out for me with MusicSubmit is the fact that it offers some of the best statistical advantages in the industry. Submission of music through this platform is quick and lets you know your progress and do your math.

In about a month, my songs had reached all the places I had picked. In addition to that, I got back all the details from them informing me about the progress of air.

Besides being a very reliable platform for me, I have also realized one or two setbacks about this platform.

The first take away I noticed is that when I looked at the list of all the websites my music had reached, I realized that none of them was an FM station. I am, however, not sure whether this happens to everyone.

I got through to only one station after my third submission, and they still rejected my song. For your songs to reach any FM stations through the platform, you will have to be really patient about it.

Another thing I didn’t like about the platform is the fact that nobody really writes blogs on your songs. I was really hoping that would be an add-on service, and I even inquired about it on one of the websites. I got an answer asking me to pay them to write a blog, which was rather disheartening.

Besides these few downsides, I have found that can be a very useful submission platform. Plus, its ease of navigation makes it very enjoyable to use.

Key Features

music submit review


As a music submission platform, allowing your songs to get much-needed airplay is the main feature of The platform submits your songs to FM terrestrial, college radio and internet webcasts including well-known podcasts.

MusicSubmit offers you over 650 platforms to submit your music to. With the “Best Shot” package, your music is submitted to 100 stations and blogs and a guaranteed 50% reviews.


Music aired or released to fans needs to get reviewed. This will expose you to an even broader audience. MusicSubmit lets your music get reviewed before being released or aired. It gives you the chance to get your music reviewed in print and internet music publications and this is all done for free.


MusicSubmit maximizes on submission of your music to every platform where your audience might be. In as much as they distribute audio, writing about it also lets you reach fans from other platforms. It lets you get blog posts and webzines through their website.


Submission is just part of the journey. Your fans also need to know you. MusicSubmit allows you to boost your publicity through radio interviews with DJs, Q&A with bloggers, among other things. All these are offered and organized via MusicSubmit which is a really big plus.

How it works

The platform works in a simple 4 step process:

  1. Create your EPK
  2. Get reviewed
  3. Submit your music
  4. Review your results


  • Specific sites (choose your own stations and blogs) – $1.50
  • Monthly subscription (get submitted to radio & blogs every month-15 submissions) – $15
  • Best shot bulk package(submit in bulk to up to 200 sites) $1 or less per submission starting from $40

musicsubmit review


MusicSubmit is a really good platform. It is simple, efficient, and provides a lot of value to the budding musician.

As I mentioned before, this platform is an underdog in this niche. Which means it can only get even better with time. This is why I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent music submission platform.

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