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Discmakers Review: The Best Choice of CD Manufacturer for Artists?


It takes a lot to create something amazing. It takes even more to create good music. You will need to be very determined and dedicated to your craft, along with having an undying passion and the funding to back it all up for you to be successful. Once you have checked all these boxes, another one lies ahead of you; getting your music out there and getting yourself heard.

That is where companies like Discmakers come in. They help you get your music out there by creating a music distribution channel that you can take advantage of. Here is a Discmakers review to help you understand what this company is all about and how it can help your music career.

What is Discmakers

Disc makers is a global CD, DVD, and Blu-ray manufacturer for independent musicians, filmmakers, and businesses. It offers everything you need to make your release successful, including duplication, replication, printing, graphic design, audio mastering, worldwide distribution and so much more. In this way, it is a one-stop-shop for your music marketing and distribution needs.

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Why Discmakers was the best choice for me

For a long time, my music was just a part-time hobby. The thought of my music going global was a very far-off dream.

One day, I stumbled upon Discmakers Global Music Distribution. The funny thing is that it was absolutely by chance in a random email I got from a friend.

I signed up to their online distribution service, and within just a few weeks, I was quite astonished by how effective this platform was. Discmakers empowered me by allowing me to sell my music on the largest and most popular music stores while getting paid for streams on other online music platforms.

Key features of the product

Album mastering (up to 10 tracks)

Enables you to have professional mastering from the SoundLab at Disc makers with the expertise of audio engineers with 20+ years of indie project experience.

Global Music Distribution

Promotes you by selling your music worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, CD baby and more. In addition, you get paid for streams on Spotify, Apple Music, Napster and beyond.

300 CDs in your packaging of choice

Based on your packaging choice of Jewel Cases w/ 2-panel inserts, Eco-Wallets w/ 4-panels, Digipak w/4-panels, or jackets.

discmakers 300

UPC code and digital ISRC codes

This assists you in tracking your physical and digital sales numbers.

Award-winning graphic design

It works the magic of designing for any musical style from praise to punk enabling you to look as heavenly as you sound.

How does it work?

For you to access and benefit from these services, you ought to add one of the Global Music Distribution Bundles to your CD order. Here is how to order:

To create a disc package quote online, simply add the Global Music Distribution Bundle you want to your CD replication or CD duplication order. Your disc project must include a UPC Bar Code to participate.

Once Disc makers finish manufacturing your CDs, they will digitally transfer much of the album information to CD baby, and will send them 5 copies of your physical CD for their warehouse. You will then register your music with Gracenote CDDB so that your CD titles will display in iTunes, WinAmp, Finder(Mac OS ), and Quintessental Media Player.

CD baby will then send you an email with a link of you to log in and complete your account registration. Your album will not be available for sale on the CD baby website or any of their digital partner sites until this important step is complete.

If CD baby requires more physical albums for their inventory, they will contact you directly. Once your content is approved by CD baby’s distribution team and finalized by you, they deliver your music to iTunes in as little as 48 hours to a max of 1-4 weeks.

discmakers distribution


Disc Makers Global Music Distribution partners with the largest and most popular music stores like CD baby.

The CD baby Pro publishing distribution bundle has two packages; the standard package offering worldwide distribution going at $39 and the pro package offering worldwide distribution plus publishing royalty collection going at $79.

The CD baby pro publishing distribution is only for albums with at least one original song. If you are not a songwriter but have cover songs on your album, you should select the standard distribution package. There is a $10 fee for each additional songwriter.


  • Discmakers provides local shipping and quality printing. Their quality of CD printing is also amazing enabled by their award-winning full-colour on-disc printing.
  • They have a positive work environment. Discmakers graces its community with good pay and benefits and gives room for advancement. It also has a good mission with the working environment being casual.
  • They also award bonuses. In a dying industry, it still gives a raise and a bonus if you hadn’t committed any company infractions or been written up for any reasons.
  • They are extremely professional. Discmakers will guide you all the way through your project and are extremely patient and helpful through the entire process. They are willing to go above and beyond to answer your questions however seemingly insignificant.
  • Timely responses and excellent results. You are given timely feedback to orders and you are provided with a fantastic final product.
  • They use only non-toxic, vegetable inks for rich, vibrant board printing.
  • Discmakers back your disc package by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Discmakers management is rather top-heavy. In the upper-level management, the company has senior directors, directors and then managers of departments. This may be deemed as unnecessary as for example managers could report directly to the Ops manager
  • Ageing customer base. It may be rendered as a ‘dying industry’ because of the minimum increase in the number of customers.
  • The flagship product, Compact discs is an obsolete medium and sales are dropping rapidly.
  • Optical media is in its twilight, cutbacks and layoffs are commonplace. This has led to negatively affecting employee morale.


Discmakers is the ultimate home of independent music. It pushes to help independent creatives such as musicians, filmmakers and small businesses to compete head to head with larger more established creatives and companies.

It achieves this by making the industry’s best CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. In this way, it empowers independent artists to pursue what they love by making their independent music a reality.

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