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FreshTunes Review: A “Fresh” Way to Distribute Your Music?


Music distribution is supposed to make your life as an artist easier. This makes it vital to choose your music distribution company wisely. With the plethora of options we now have when it comes to music distributors today, things can get frustrating pretty quickly.

However, a great way to make up your mind is to consider the factors and features that are most important to you. For example, if you have very limited funds, you probably want a company that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And that is where companies like FreshTunes come in.

FreshTunes is one of the cheapest music distribution companies out there today. But is it really worth the low price tag or is cheap eventually going to be expensive in other ways? Here is a FreshTunes review to help you figure that out.

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What is FreshTunes?

FreshTunes is a music distribution platform for independent artists. FreshTunes is one among the only two music distributors that offer free distribution services. The platform earns money from extension services rather than pays and commissions on royalties.

The platform was founded by Nikolay Okorokov in 2016. It has its headquarters in Dubai and an operational hub in Moscow. In just 6 months, it grew to serve about 84 countries, reaching a growing list of about 50,000 tracks. Today, FreshTunes has expanded even more, being able to open offices in Brazil and the UK.


Key Features

Distribution to major platforms

Even as FreshTunes lacks the many platforms outreach as compared to other music distributors, it distributes music to all the major music streaming platforms. It gets your music to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, GoogleMusic, Amazon music, Shazam, YouTube, SAAVN, Guvera etc.

Free Registration and 24-hour content upload

The platform allows artists to manage their releases, track description, artwork and monitor sales and streams through the user friendly interface. You can monitor all your music distributed via the major platforms from the dashboard at any time.

Payout to Artists

Payment could have been much easier if FreshTunes had provided payment splitting. The platform goes with a different mode which gives you three options.

Payoneer – $3 transaction cost
Bank Transfer – Minimum withdrawal threshold of $300
WebMoney – 1% commission

Analytics and reporting

The platform does not offer the best analytics and reporting services compared to other platforms. They, however, provide you with solid information on the progress that your work has been making. Such information is important to help you in making informed decisions in your career.
Every platform will lack some information you need so it is all about priorities.

Easy to use

The platform has an easy interface that is simple to navigate. The lack of vast complications of features is probably the reason why but it always gets the job done.

Customer Service

The Email option is provided but it takes a few days for FreshTunes to reply to your Emails. The platform has live chat support that is personalized for you, though. You pay $25 for the option which most people don’t agree with since it is just a complimentary. Customer service should be equal to all customers.

fresh tunes

Other features

Professional Assessment

FreshTunes offers you an option to have your work assessed by a group of certified professionals when uploading. The process costs $25 and the criticism or encouragement from this might be all you need to continue making the best out of your career.

Promotional Campaigns

FreshTunes offers you the ability to promote your work further to other platforms, for instance, YouTube or Shazam or any other platform. You then select your budget and countries you want to reach. Next, you can select the start date and end date for the promotion then submit your payment.
This feature is offered by other companies like Google Ads which might be a big competition for them.

Other value-added services include;

  • Artwork production
  • Lyric video production
  • Ringtone production
  • Landr automated music mastering
  • MFiT

How it works

It was quite hard to overlook the fact that FreshTunes will ask for zero distribution fees, zero annual fees and no commission for revenue made by your music. If you want to reduce the cost of distribution, this platform should be the first place you look.

However, the platform does not have much to offer in terms of features. It best suits you if you are just looking for a standard music distribution platform that gives you just enough features to let you reach your audience at a lower cost.

Their fees and commissions are definitely a big plus. The platform is free to join and you do not pay anything for distribution. That being said, some users are quite uncomfortable signing up because you have to link a social media account in order to join instead of the common way of using your email account.

FreshTunes has created a free-to-use platform in most aspects which makes it a good place to start for independent artists. This system makes the service fair and empowering. The platform offers additional stores for free and even if you decide to take down your music, you don’t have to pay for that.

With zero distribution fees and giving you 100% of your royalties, how do they make any money? Well, FreshTunes focuses on value-added services. The platform pushes their other promotional services on you for income. It is also backed by a number of investors.

When it comes to releasing your music, FreshTunes lets you set the date for that. This platform also allows you to set a Pre-Order date for free. You also get to choose the stores and countries you want your music to be distributed to.

Sadly, the stores reached by FreshTunes are very few compared to those of the competitors. They have linked to only 14 stores but the main ones are definitely there including Spotify and iTunes. Distribution to the store takes 3 days for Spotify and up to 5 days for iTunes.

freshtunes albums

Prices and plans

The platform is free to join with zero annual fees and zero commission cut off your royalties. FreshTunes lets you pay for extended priorities.

$25 – Professional assessment

$25 – Live chat customer service


  • It offers professional assessment of your music
  • The interface is really easy to use
  • The platform is free to join and distribute music from
  • You get to choose your release dates and where you want your music distributed


  • FreshTunes links to only 14 stores
  • Signing up is only through a social media account
  • Poor customer service
  • The analytics and reporting data isn’t adequate.


Even with the many alternatives we have today, I think FreshTunes holds its own because of how cheap it is. It is the only other platform besides Amuse that offers a zero fees and commission structure. This makes it one of those platforms that you definitely need to check out when you want to spend less.

However, because it has such a small number of features, it isn’t anywhere near the best platform in the market right now. Even then, it offers a free service, so what more can you ask for?

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