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iMusician Digital Review: The Most Cost-Effective Music Distributor Ever?


Finding it hard to sell your music? Join hands with iMusician Digital.

Selling and monetizing music is a business. And not every artist is a great businessperson. Even if you are, why not focus on producing quality music and let someone else manage the sale. But that’s not easy for the independent artists. What if you get a platform that markets and sells your music and sends the revenue right in your pocket?

Being an independent artist, you don’t have a big team working for you. So you need to manage the whole process yourself, You have to create your music and then look for ways to monetize it as well. But the all amazing iMusician Digital can ease a lot of burden off of your shoulders. It’s a kind of complete sales support for your music. The iMusician distributes your music to numerous associated outlets. Just leave the sales and marketing in their hands and do what you do the best. Make music!

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What is iMusician Digital?

iMusician markets itself as “Europe’s leading DIY digital music distributor“. So it’s a music distribution service for independent artists, bands, and labels. By uploading your music on iMusician, you make sure it’s available on more than 250 popular music outlets.

Any individual, band, or label can register with the iMusician. Once registered, you can upload your music in the form of WAVs which gets distributed over all associated channels. iMusician works with almost every popular music outlet including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

iMusician can be joined free of cost. It charges you for every song that you upload. The platform also has plan variants with different price ranges. You can choose from Starter, Regular, Rockstar, and Pro Unlimited plans. For the Starter package, you get just one store for selling your music. You’ll have to upgrade your plan to reach more outlets. However, if iMusician associates with a new outlet, you don’t have to pay for that. Also, if you decide to take your music down, you can do it without any charges.

Talking about the outlets, you get over 250 of them with iMusician. How many outlets you can distribute your music to depends on the plan you choose. You can even block some of the outlets if you don’t need them.


My experience with the iMusician

I know what’s it like to be an independent artist. The most difficult part of the journey is the beginning. I started with zero contacts with the music industry and my desire to get signed by a label was a far cry. Music had been a passion and I created some tracks with no idea where and whom to sell them. This is when I collided with the iMusician.

While trying to find ways to monetize my skills, I came to know about many music distribution services. I learned every bit of them and was impressed with what iMusician had to offer. It had everything that I could use to grow famous and earn revenue simultaneously. It wasn’t a complicated thing to work with and soon I had a number of songs distributed to several streaming outlets. I was in awe of the fact that my music was on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. And people were even listening to them. This is how I built my own musical empire along with a constant source of income.

What does it offer: Top features

iMusician seems to have everything that a musician would ask for. With so many useful features, most artists won’t hesitate to pay for the service. After all, it returns well for all your investment. So what do you get in the parcel called iMusician? Let’s find out.

1. Speedy distribution

iMusician generally distributes your music within 2 weeks. But you can always speed things up here. You can either buy an express delivery or get a 48-hour delivery option. Express delivery is chargeable in the Starter and Regular plans but is free in Rockstar and Pro plans. Talking about the 48-hour delivery plan, it costs more than express delivery in the starter and regular plans. Also, 48-hour deliver feature does charge a small fee in Rockstar and Pro plans as well.

2. Mastering and Mixing services

iMusician lets you mix and master your tracks by paying the fee for the services. So once you’re done recording your song, you can use JP Masters for mixing and mastering. The service can be a bit costly but comes in very handy for the artists. How much you pay depends on how many tracks need to be mixed and mastered. And you can get helpful tutorials for mixing as well. You have 30 minutes or 1-hour session options at their own costs.

3. Sync to Music Gateway

Music Gateway services can be highly beneficial for an artist. And iMusician brings in all those benefits by partnering with the service. iMusician hence lets you get synced with the Music Gateway. This helps you create placements for commercials within your music. What a way to generate more and more ad revenues for yourself.

4. Customized release dates

iMusician gives you a lot of liberty for release dates. You can choose your own release date without any restriction on it. Hence if you have a perfect release date for your music in your mind, you can have your way.

5. YouTube content ID and monetization

One of the most amazing features of a music distribution service can be YouTube monetization. This lets you earn the ad revenue from the videos using your music regardless of who uploads it on YouTube. iMusician makes the feature available with the help of YouTube Content ID. It would charge a small fee for each of your song for starter and regular packages. However, the service is free for higher packages.

6. Cover songs

iMusician also allows you to upload cover songs. However, you don’t get licensing services here. Also, if you wish to distribute your cover song to Europe you just need a few details of the original song. This isn’t the case with full licenses.

7. CD and Vinyl Pressing

100 Vinyl is another partner company of the iMusician. This would be great for the artists involved with the sale of physical copies of their music. That’s a nice opportunity for live performing musicians to record and sell their performances. The partnership lets you reap the benefits of several discounts for physical CDs and Vinyl pressing.

8. iTunes Pro

With iMusician, you can get all the benefits of the iTunes Pro. The feature advantages include pre-order, customized music links, iTunes booklet, customizable store prizes, and updating the artist profile. You’ll have to give about 4 weeks to iMusician for perfect execution of pre-order. The iTunes Pro service charges you a fixed cost for each plan except for the pro. You get the feature completely free of cost with the pro unlimited plan.


9. Easy and attractive payouts

Payouts with iMusician are quite easy and attractive. There’s no threshold to the payment withdrawals. And you can opt to receive the payouts via PayPal or bank transfer. The only catch is that it doesn’t offer any options to split your payment.

10. Analytics

Getting a detailed analysis of how your music is performing can be a useful insight. This can help you market better and improve your performances. With iMusician, you get trend reports on a daily basis. Also, the service provides you detailed monthly sales reports. Although it’s not as extensive as some other services, it’s quite handy.

11. Amazing customer support

A professional and easy to reach customer support is the key to smooth operation. iMusician seems to be committed to customer service. They provide you with an easy to understand FAQ section to solve the common issues. Email support is quick to revert and generally replies within 24 hours. You can also choose from various language options. The business days for customer support are Mondays to Fridays. And if you have a pro plan, you can get yourself personal phone support as well.

How does it work?

You would definitely want detailed information about any service before buying it. Knowing the features and costs of iMusician beforehand is a great help. But ultimately it’s going to be a long collaboration. So it’s very important that you know how it works. Here’s how.

Using iMusician has no complications to it. It has a dashboard that’s simple and easy to understand. So now, uploading your music for distribution is easier than ever. You can use the platform through its website. However, if you’re a person who likes to manage everything on the go, downloading the app would be better. Now, the first step is to create an account iMusician which is totally free. Once done, you’re asked to choose your plan. The plan you choose will decide what services you get and what charges you pay. Starter, Regular, Rockstar, and Pro Unlimited are the 4 plans available. After you choose the desired plan, you have to enter a few details about you. Now you’re all set to sell through the platform.

As soon as you have completed the setup, you’re ready to release your songs. Just prepare your tracks and plan their release. When your tracks are ready, you can easily upload them to the iMusician. Now, you need to be very clear about your release dates and other details. Finally, enter the release details and you’re done. Soon your music will be available on all the streaming outlets of your choice. Wasn’t that easy? Cheers!

imusician app

What can you expect from it?

Having an idea of what a service can do for you helps you make your mind to go for it. So what you should be expecting from iMusician? Probably the most impressive thing that you can expect is a very simple and easy to use dashboard. Even a beginner would set an account up and get going in no time.

iMusician can market you well to earn more and extend your fanbase. It lets you reach more people by including more than 250 outlets to release your songs yet. Of course, that’s a huge number and a huge reach is a promise. Talking about the charges, the service makes you pay a fixed fee for each upload. Other charges depend on what plan you choose and what services you opt for. You get to choose from Starter, Regular, Rockstar, and Pro Unlimited plans to choose from.

The distribution time for iMusician is two weeks. You can also speed up this process by choosing either express delivery or 48-hour delivery. You would pay for these options as per your choice of plan. You can also expect many amazing features with iMusician. iTunes Pro, YouTube Monetization, Mixing and Mastering, Music Gateway sync, etc. are a few of them. Customer support is amazing and you won’t be left stranded. All in all, you can expect an easy and affordable music distribution with huge amounts in revenue.


  • Mastering and Mixing options
  • YouTube Content ID and Monetization
  • Distribution over more than 250 outlets
  • iTunes Pro included
  • Music sync options
  • Professional customer support


  • Extra charges for faster distribution
  • Extra charges to reduce the commission on royalties
  • No option to split the payment
  • There’s no admin publisher



The world isn’t easy for an independent music artist. You’re bound to do all the work yourself. And, you also have to think about the earning options. Having a music distribution and monetization service like iMusician can be a huge plus if you find yourself in that dilemma.

iMusician lets you stream through more than 250 outlets around the globe. And it isn’t hard to understand that more outlets mean more sales. And, that’s not all. The platform also lets you use some highly useful features like iTunes Pro, YouTube monetization, Music Gateway sync, etc. With these features, it’s probably one of those platforms that you really don’t want to miss on.

iMusician isn’t much marketed. Maybe it doesn’t even need to be. It’s easy to use, packs amazing features, and gives attractive payouts. I think that’s more than enough to make it musician’s top pick. What do you think?

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