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Landr Distribution vs Distrokid: Which One is the Best?


A great music distribution partner is an essential element to the success of any serious musician worth their salt. Not too long ago, music distribution was actually the number one thing that drove many budding musicians to abandon ship and give up on their dreams. Because things could get frustratingly hard.

Not anymore, though. With the rise of online music distribution platforms in recent years, getting your music to your audience couldn’t be easier.

Among the best distribution platforms today are Landr and Distrokid. But exactly how do these two compare to each other? Which one is the best fit for you? This article will help you answer these questions for yourself.

Landr distribution


Landr is a great solution if you are simply looking for a platform to conveniently distribute your music with. It is intuitive and simple to use, and you can expect relatively good results from it.

The best part about Landr is that they don’t take any commission. However, you need to be prepared to pay your distribution fee before you can see any results from them.

Additionally, Landr encourages artists to collaborate by providing unique tools to help them stay in touch with other musicians. This platform truly understands the power of collaboration, so if you are the type of person that does not like working alone, you should probably join this site.

Plus, Landr doesn’t charge any fee whatsoever for new members to get registered. This is a practice that has seen many other sites follow suit lately. It is the main reason why there’s rarely any signup fee nowadays on distribution platforms.

Landr’s free account offers you an alternative to distributing 2 low-resolution mp3 tracks each month. For a free package, this isn’t bad at all. But if you are that person aiming at releasing something substantial, like an album, then you require to upgrade your account.

Paid accounts have many benefits compared to the free version. The platform allows users with paid accounts to pay for them in monthly intervals, but you could pay on a yearly basis also. You get a discounted fee when you pay yearly.

Masters and Releases

Landr initially entirely focused on offering mastering services. This is why mastering is heavily given attention on the platform. Today, Landr provides both mastering and distribution services on the same platform, making it a package service where you can get everything in one basket.

Users who need both services are required to choose either their basic, advanced or pro package.

Of course, each of these plans has different master qualities. Similarly, the distribution differs in quality.

Landr distribution key features

100% Royalties: While most streaming services take a cut on your royalties, Landr does not take anything from you. They pass through 100% of what they receive from streaming services.

Free distribution with mastering plans: If you already have any Landr mastering plan, you get free distribution with it. Otherwisee, the distribution plans start at $1 a month.

Detailed distribution analytics: The Landr distribution dashboard shows the country the music wwas streamed in, the platforms that your fans listened to yyour music on, the popularity of your individual tracks, and your earnings. This will go a long way in helping you make better decisions to drive your music career forward.

Special features you get with every Landr plan:

  • Youtube monetization
  • Cover song licensing
  • Custom release date
  • Release and distribution to specialized stores


Landr pricing

Landr’s prices are friendlier when payments are done annually compared to when you buy your packages monthly. The packages are categorized into three, the first monthly subscription is $2 and lets you get an album or 10 tracks out the door. At this level, you could opt to save 50% of the total if you pay for the whole year (that is $1/month or $12 a year.)

At the second level, you pay $3 a month (designed for high volume creators), or you could pay $24 a year and save 33% of the total cost– that is $2 each month.

They also have an unlimited package, that is the last of the three. Here, you pay $6 for a month’s subscription or you could pay $48 for the whole year and save 33% of the total cost – you are charged $4 each month for a year.

Landr’s pricing system may look quite easy to comprehend at first, but this is not the case. In truth, the system employed here is quite misleading and confusing.

When you compare what they charge you with other sites, you will realize that their deal is not that good. Some other platforms may be cheaper than what you have at Landr, but because you see ‘50% off’, without making comparisons, you find that people are duped to buy services that are not the cheapest in the market.

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Distrokid is another great choice when it comes to selecting a distributor that offers unlimited service annually at a small fee. They also don’t take any commissions off you.

Distrokid have recently made a solid partnership with Spotify which has, in turn, made them an unbeatable competitor in the distribution business.

With this merger, Distrokid has come up with some surprisingly unique features not offered by everyone in the same niche. If you opt to go about it alone, you will realize that some of these features are quite expensive to get. However, with Distrokid, you get them at very friendly prices.

The platform is also simple to use. If you are a complete newbie, it is a great place to learn the ropes and find your footing.

Key Features

Distrokid has a lot of simple, practical and relevant features that are designed to make music release and distribution a breeze.

It does not charge you any commission on your distributed music. You get to keep 100% of the revenue you earn.

You are only charged one yearly price for the distribution of unlimited songs. There are no sign up fees and you have the option of payment splitting if you are in a team or band.

Distrokid also has various payment providers and methods, along with unique Spotify and iTunes features such as lyrics, cover photos, and verification checkmarks.

The best part is that with Distrokid, you also have the option of signing up to their Leave a Legacy program. This ensures that your song or album stays online forever.

Price and plans

Apart from the uniqueness and simplicity of their platforms, they also have a friendly pricing system that’s simple to comprehend.

The packages have been divided into three pricing tiers as follows:

1. Musician

This is the first tier which is also the least in terms of cost. If you subscribe to this, the platform charges you $19.99 annually and it accommodates a single person or band. With this package, you are allowed to upload as many songs or lyrics as you want- which is such a great deal.

The musician tier also allows users to get automatic verification of their own artist’s page on Spotify. Spotify will then certify that all content is original and it belongs to you.

2. Musician Plus

MusicianPlus is the second tier that Distrokid has to offer. This one allows two bands or artists to use the account and it only costs $35 annually. Everything given to you on the Musician package is included here and what’s more, you get daily sales/statistics to track your progress, customizable preorder dates, release dates, iTunes pricing (if you sell your content for prices other than those that are store determined), and a unique name that is customizable.

3. Label

This package is the one that charges the highest price of $79.99 annually. With this tier, between 5 to 100 users/bands are allowed to use a single account. The plan has all the above features included in it, and you get to upload content from many artists/bands.

distrokid distribution

Pros of Landr over Distrokid

  • Distrokid has several hidden fees for the services they give you. With Landr, what you see is what you get.
  • Landr has a lot of advanced features that you get with all plans. With Distrokid, features like Store Maximizer and Shazam cost extra.
  • Distrokid charges a yearly fee for Youtube monetization on top of taking a commission. Plus, they will always try to upsell you more expensive plans, something that Landr won’t do. 
  • Landr also gives you very detailed analytics. With Distrokid, reports and analytics are very basic unless you upgrade to more expensive plans

Pros of Distrokid over Landr

  • “Leave a Legacy” program ensures your single or album stays online forever
  • Landr does not have a straightforward pricing plan. Their plan is a little confusing when compared to Distrokid’s straightforward tier system.
  • Distrokid has an annual and one-time payment system, which is a better deal than Landr’s monthly system.
  • Landr often pushes you to try their mastering services, which can get pretty annoying.
  • Distrokid is very straightforward and easy to use. Most competitors such as Landr have quite a steep learning cover, and this makes Distrokid stand out.
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Landr Distribution is a great platform to distribute your content. It has a friendly and flexible pricing system which makes it manageable to use.

However, it can be deceptively expensive. For instance, when you compare their pro package to the ‘Label’ tier by Distrokid, you notice that for way less amount of money, you could enjoy way better features and still save your cash.

This is why it should go without saying that Distrokid is a better platform to do your distribution with.

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  • I would like to add one detail here – LANDR has better customer service, responding within 1-2 days, while I reached out to Distrokid 2 weeks ago and still have gotten no response. Something to factor in your decision making process.


  • Are the services comparable between Landr Pro and Distrokids Label? Landr offers unlimited uploads and unlimited Mastering for $48/yr. It seems that Landr pricing is better than Distrokids if you are only seeking to release and track your songs with better tools.


    • Value-wise, I agree, Landr makes more sense! However, Distrokid is an established and reliable music distributor, heavily dedicated to its core mission (affordable distribution for all musicians), so this aspect shouldn’t be dismissed.


  • I’m super pissed off at Distrokid lately. This 2020 they are slow as hell, they don’t care about customers, and for me that I’ve been 3 years with them, I pay more than $100 yearly. If they don’t improve their CS and quickness, I’m gonna move to Landr without blinking.


    • Thanks for your feedback Marc.
      Truth is, distributors, just like phone companies or web hosts, tend to easily get “lazy” once they have hooked thousands of customers…
      Hopefully it gets better, but most of the time you either need the market to get disrupted or a lot of patience to see consistent positive changes.
      Distrokid is actually far from being the worse but I hope your issue will be solved soon!


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