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Landr vs iZotope Ozone: The Ultimate Instant Mastering Tool is…


Mastering breathes a new lease of life into audio recordings, setting apart pro-level creations from amateurs and hobbyists.

Although this used to be a very expensive undertaking not too long ago, these days, it is a lot cheaper. Plus, you have the option of engaging a human sound engineer or employing an online mastering software to do the final cuts on your pieces.

The choice of whether to go with a human engineer or to use an online mastering service really boils down to personal preference. However, if you opt to go with one of the hundreds of online mastering services out there today, it is a good idea to know which one of them is the best platform to use.

This article is going to compare two popular online mastering platforms; Landr mastering service and iZotope Ozone 8. Which one of them should you go with?

Landr Mastering Service

landr mastering 1

Landr is a mastering service that is designed to make the task of mastering your music fast and easy. It is targetted towards helping people with little or no knowledge of mastering to finish their tracks cheaply and easily and to achieve the highest quality possible.

This mastering platform does not use sound engineers working over the cloud. It simply relies on computer algorithms to work on songs presented by clients, mastering them to give the best results in the genres they choose. The whole process is automated.

Landr’s mastering algorithm is self-taught. The more it handles clients music, the better it gets at it. The best part is that the team behind this platform also keep updating their algorithm, so Landr always gets better with time. Mastering has never been this simple.

The platform also offers its users great services put in various packages or tiers with unique features. They have the free package, the Basic, Advanced and Pro, all which have different prices with pro costing the highest.

Landr mastering prices

The basic plan gives you LO-MP3 mastering and an unlimited amount of distribution. Higher quality mastering will cost you a little bit more cash.

For $6 monthly, you get the basic package with unlimited LO-MP3s, the same basic package also gives you HI-MP3s at $4.99, WA at $8.99 (10% off), and HD WA at $17.99 (which is also 10% off)

Their advanced monthly package is $14 and you get to save 35% of what could be charged initially. With this monthly package, you get unlimited LO-MP3s, HI-MP3s, WAV at $6.99 (30% off) and HD WAV at $17.99 (10% off)

The monthly pro package is $39 and you have unlimited LO-MP3s, HI-MP3s, and WAV. The HD WAV is 10% off at $17.99.

Landr distribution’s yearly packages are also in basic, advanced and pro versions, where the basic gives you unlimited LO-MP3s and the rest charged as the monthly one. It costs $48 a year to get this package, which is about $4 a month, or $2 off.

The advanced package also has charges similar to the monthly one but is $108 a year, or $9 each month. You get to save $5 each month.

Their yearly pro version is charged at $299 so you save $14 each month.

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iZotope Ozone 8

iZotope stands out because it is one of the few companies championing a crispy clean user interface with DSP and user interaction. It recently merged with another company, Ozone, resulting in the creation of iZotope Ozone.

With this company, producers, composers, engineers, and many other artists now see it a go-to platform for content editing, especially mastering.

iZotope Ozone 8 features a mastering suite that has 11 modules, an assistant, a standalone and a plug-in. It also comes with a Spectral Shaper Module, in-app A Mastering/referencing and a Tonal Balance plug-in.

izotope ozone 8

Key features

iZotope is built with a mastering assistant which can make presets for you using predefined targets from the track you put into its reference section. It also allows you to change its settings so that you can get your desired master.

It has a reference section which you can load tracks (up to 10), it then A/Bs them against your mix. It does this through a clever algorithm which is designed to work out choruses and verses then sets desired loop points.

It also features various plug-ins like the new Tonal Balance plug-in that enables users to track matches between their tracks and references. You also can regulate the Neutron and Ozone EQs from the plug-in.

There’s also inter-app communication that users enjoy in the latest version of iZotope.

The software also features a vintage EQ which with the analog mixing board, it adds warmth, character and brightens your master. It is designed to smooth out your tracks low ends to make it sweet to listen to.

iZotope Ozone 8 prices

iZotope has two tiers. I am not counting the free option here because, with it, you only get 3 days worth of free trials.

The standard rent-to-own is $9.99, which is charged monthly for 25 months. You are at liberty to pause or cancel subscriptions at any time you wish. There are no hidden interests or fee in this subscription.

They also have an advanced tier that goes for $19.99 per month for 25 months. The terms and conditions on this one are similar to the standard.

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What are the pros of Landr mastering service compared to iZotope Ozone 8?

  • Landr mastering service is a fast way to master tracks which offers users pro-quality mastering in a matter of minutes. Users don’t need any deep tracks matsering knowledge whatsoever.
  • Landr is an affordable plaform to the DIY artist, you can also get smaller packages that are ideal for smaller tasks.

What are the pros of iZotope Ozone 8 compared to Landr mastering service?

  • Compared to Landr, iZotope Ozone 8 gives its user greater value for their money since it comes with many modules and standalone plug-ins.
  • iZotope’s vintage models are excellent and sweet as they boast, Landr has no vintage effects so far.
  • iZotope is by far the to-go shop for mastering, mixing, or creatively playing with tracks. The platform has a lot of hype that makes it fun to use. The wide range of features also makes it easy to produce great music with it.



Both of these companies have amazing deals to offer artists, composers and sound engineers. They are both amazing platforms to use since they are interactive and provide you with solutions to your tasks right away.

However, I believe iZotope is a better service provider since you get more value for your money. The platform gives you fewer packages but the good thing is that you will be renting to own their services. Which means you get more out of it in the end.

Landr, on the other hand, is great for musicians who are just starting out and who have no idea how to master their tracks. It is definitely cheaper in the short term and you can get even smaller packages out of it if you so choose.

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