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The 9 Best Music Industry Blogs for Indie Musicians


As a musician, getting more exposure for your music is very important. It is the only way to boost your publicity and increase your fan base. Normally, this is no easy task. However, with the Internet, things get easier.

There are several music blogs on the web that seek to help new artists navigate their careers and learn about the inner workings of the industry. Here is a look at 9 of the best such blogs to help you see what each one has to offer.

Ari’s Take


Ari’s Take is a website that was developed by Ari Herstand, a Los Angeles based musician. He also fronts for a band called the Brassroots District.

Ari is also an author, and he wrote How to make it in the New Music Business: Practical Tips on Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living as a musician. The website was started in 2012 to help independent artists start and build a career without the help of record labels.

What makes Ari’s Take unique?

The website contains blog posts where Ari offers advice and encouragement to upcoming and independent artists. The articles on the blog are friendly and useful, and Ari speaks on various topics based on his experiences as an individual artist.

There is also the live show blueprint, which is a guide that was made to ensure that as an artist, you get the most out of your shows. With it, you get a checklist containing everything you need to ensure that you’re all set for your next show, among other features that will make your live show a success.

Aside from the blog posts, Ari’s Take has a section that invites its users to join Ari’s Take Academy. The academy features several courses that, according to the site, offer learners tools and strategies with direct pathways to success.

Why Ari’s Take made it to this list

The content on Ari’s Take is provided by a seasoned independent artist, and this experience is vital for novice artists. Aside from all the information, the blog also offers lessons and training for musicians.

DIY Musician by CD Baby


DIY Musician is a music blog that is under CD Baby, Inc.

CD Baby is the largest online distributor of music, founded by Derek Sivers. It was mainly created to give artists a platform to sell their songs. However, it also has other features, such as the DIY Musician blog.

What makes DIY Musician unique?

DIY Musician covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to any musician. Some of these are:

Music distribution

DIY Musician has a comprehensive guide that will help you get your music on over 150 streaming platforms globally, for a one-time setup fee, with CD Baby. This opens you up to more distribution opportunities and greater market potential.

Musician Tips

With this feature, you get tips, tricks, and advice that is meant to help you take your music career to the next level. The articles on this feature are mostly how-to pieces, and they are sure to leave you more informed than you were when you started reading.

Music Rights

This section simplifies and explains the legal matters that relate to music and how the law takes care of artists. Issues like publishing, copyright laws, and royalties are explained in detail by the writers of the articles featured here.


Here you’ll get skills on how to push your content to more viewers and how to reach more people via emails and social media messages. It also has articles that give you strategies you can put in place to boost your music’s reach.

Why DIY Musician made it to this list

DIY musician is a site that is under CD Baby. CD Baby is an online CD store, which represents over 650,000 recording artists and 100,000 songwriters. They are also the largest global digital distributor of independent music in the world.

Getting to this point means there has to be something they are doing right.

BandZoogle Blog


This website was founded in 2003 by Chris Vinson for his alt-rock band, Rubberman. The company has a physical location in Quebec, Canada.

The website was created to help independent music bands to create the perfect websites for their brands, even without any knowledge in programming.

What makes BandZoogle blog unique?

The BandZoogle blog acts as the ultimate guide to Bandzoogle, the all-in-one platform for artists. At the same time, you will be able to gain a lot of insight into various topics, such as:

Music Promotion

The blog will show you how to use your website as a working tool to increase your following and advertise your music.

Connect with other services and Networking

The blog covers topics that highlight how artists can connect and network with each other.

Why BandZoogle made it to this list

The BandZoogle blog made it to this list because the platform has a wide array of tools that would help any musician that needs a website to supplement their brand. It was also created by a musician for musicians, and this shows it has all you might need to build an effective website.

Disc Makers blog


Disc Makers is an online company that is dedicated to ensuring independent artists to have a fighting chance when put up against the larger companies. The company manufactures Vinyl, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and custom merchandise for independent artists.

What makes Disc Makers blog unique?

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to check this blog out:

Quality content

The Disc Makers blog features a lot of content that is aimed at helping indie artists manage themselves better. It also highlights the benefits of Artist Growth, a cloud-based platform that lets artists organize, analyze, and manage their careers easily and focus more on making the music.

The platform has tools that deal with event scheduling, tasks, finances, merchandise, and data reporting. The blog also includes news about the music industry, information about CD manufacturing and design, including CD album planning.

There is also a section dedicated to guides on topics like home recording, touring, promotion, press kits, and marketing. The website has an independent artist in mind, and there is a whole section dedicated to articles about music and artist management.

Music Marketing tools

The blog features articles that will give you tips on how to ensure your content is advertised well and it reaches as many people as possible through your social media pages.

The articles here also teach you how to use YouTube and your music videos to significantly grow your career. There are also articles related to crowdfunding and how your fans can financially support your projects.

Music production

A section of the blog highlights everything you need to know about audio recording and mastering, acoustics, producing, the ins and outs of a home studio and studio equipment. There is also a section with tips that will help you write creative and heartfelt songs that your fans are sure to enjoy.

Why Disc Makers blog made it to this list

This blog contains a lot of articles that will prove tremendously beneficial to any independent artist.

Sonicbids blog


This blog was started to help artists get musical career advice from experts in the industry. The site is under, whose objective is to connect bands with gigs.

What makes Sonicbids blog unique?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to check this blog out:

Booking shows

The Sonicbids blog will guide you on how to go about applying for gigs, booking shows, and managing your schedule with Sonicbids.

Relevant source of information for bands

The Sonicbids blog stands out especially because it is geared towards bands. Unlike most outer blogs that contain general information for artists, the content on this blog has been specially tailored to help bands grow and navigate the music industry. This makes it an extremely valuable resource for anyone in a band.

Why Sonicbids made it to this list

The Sonicbids blog can be an essential tool for finding gigs around you. Such opportunities help to put food on the table for artists.

Landr’s blog


Landr is a site that was made as a creative platform for musicians. It was founded in 2014 and since then, it has helped millions of musicians.

What makes Landr’s blog unique?

The blog’s content is separated into 3 sections; inspiration, production tips and gear.

Production tips

Landr’s blog is packed full of information that will help you with the technical portions of music production. It has stories with hacks and tips that you can use in your journey of music production.

Music production

Through the blog, you can learn how to tap into Landr’s potential for music production. Landr offers professional mastering for your songs or entire albums. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze, process and render your tracks.

Gear guide

This feature contains product reviews of all the tools a musician needs. There are reviews of microphones, sample packs, beat synthesizers and so much more

Why Landr’s blog made it to this list

The blog has numerous useful posts, and its wide base of knowledge on music production puts it on a pedestal above other blogs.



HypeBot is a site that shares news on all things related to the music industry. The site was founded in 2004 by Bruce Houghton, and ever since, it has documented the trends and technologies in the industry.

What makes HypeBot unique?

Hypebot will give you a lot of insight into four main aspects of the music industry:

Music business

This feature gives you the latest news in the music industry.

Music tech

This part of the website comes with information about all the latest gears and software used by musicians in the industry.


This section is laden with how-to articles that give you tips on how to go about certain situations that come up in a musician’s normal day at the office.


HypeBot partnered with Bands In Town to come up with this. The blog shows a monthly ranking of emerging artists based on a formula that integrates tracker growth and fan engagements.

Why HypeBot made it to this list

HypeBot primarily delivers real-time news about the music industry, and its users receive real-time reports of any happenings and changes in the sector.

Digital Music News


The Digital Music News founder and publisher is Paul Resnikoff. The site is a highly influential platform that focuses on news about all things concerning the music industry and technology executives.

What makes Digital Music News unique?

The blog is an industry leader for several reasons. Here is why you’ll want to check it out:

Industry news

Here you get to see the breaking news in the industry, and any other changes that happen. Musicians are also provided with information and news about their favorite streaming apps like Spotify.

Music tech

This section contains articles about new technology that is introduced to the industry and reviews on software and gadgets that artists use.

Entertainment law

Articles in this part of the website are mostly about the interactions of musicians and the judicial system. Lawsuits filed by and against celebrities can also be read on this page.

Pop culture

This section serves as the gossip column, and it gives you the tea on what’s going on in your favorite celebrities’ lives.

Why Digital Music News made it to this list

This site provides more than just tools for musicians. It has content about other interesting things like pop culture news and entertainment law. This makes it have an appeal to non-artist readers as well.

And… ProMusicianHub!


Yup… That’s a shameless plug!

ProMusicianHub is a website that was created to provide musicians with tips and tricks to help them learn how the industry works and how to grow as an artist. Mostly, the blog reviews tools that musicians use in their craft.

What makes ProMusicianHub unique?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to check this blog out:

Musicianship guide

The blog contains content that will help you develop your individual skills as an artist. There are 3 sub-categories here. Music Learning Apps is a section that offers unfiltered reviews of music apps. The Instruments section has detailed information articles on instrumentation apps and websites, and the Ear Training section reviews apps that promise to help with ear training.

Music Production

Presented as a blog category, here you will find high-grade reviews of the tools used to make music. It has 2 sections. Music Production Software reviews apps used to create and produce music. The Online Mastering section deals with mastering tools.

Music Distribution

This section focuses on the tools that would help you share out your music with more people and gain some fans in the process. It allows you to read the honest opinion of writers who have used the apps.

Music Promotion

Here, you get access to lots of reviews about sites that promise to market your music and in turn help you book more shows and get more fans. This section also gives you tips and ideas to create an effective content marketing strategy.

Why ProMusicianHub made it to this list

ProMusicianHub contains hundreds of reviews of musician tools which are all written in detail. The reviews are also unbiased, and the authors do not shy away from telling the readers their honest opinions.


All the sites and blogs reviewed here have amazing content and features, making them tremendously useful for any independent artist looking to grow their skill and build their career.

That being said, there are some that truly stand out. For example, Ari’s Take and DIY Musician are very well-organized and user-friendly. However, with this list, you will not be at a loss when finding your go-to music blog to help you navigate the music industry.

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