Tunecore Review: Still the Top Music Distributor in the World?

tunecore review

Artists often meet a number of challenges ranging from composing, recording to the distribution of their music. This means that having something to simplify or ease a single step in the musical journey can be quite an advantage. Over the years artists would require a reputable label for them to sell their music online. This […]

Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 Review: Is it Overhyped?

Music Marketing Manifesto review

Back in the days before the advent of mass media, musicians solely relied on word of mouth and the quality of their live performance to promote their work. For many of them, scoring a deal with a rich sponsor or a job in a church or some such was the only chance for them to […]

New Artist Model Review: How Good is the Music Business Accelerator ?

New Artist Model Review

With the proliferation of digital platforms and independent distribution channels, entering the music business nowadays should be easier than ever. However, the reality is quite different. With no more than a few dozen popular artists receiving major label push and hogging the spotlight, indie artists have to work hard to get their music released, promoted, […]

Playlist Push Review: Can This Help Musicians Get Recognized?

PlaylistPush Review

We’ve already covered the many job opportunities that the music industry has to offer in a previous article. But we haven’t really covered how you can still make money from music if you’re not an artist, you don’t have the skills or creativity to create, or you don’t have the education or connections to land […]

Flowkey Review: The Best Interactive App to Learn Piano from Home?

Flowkey Review

In recent years, we’ve seen a flood of online piano courses and apps for various platforms. They range from super simple to complex, and offer a wide range of approaches. Some courses and apps offer music theory lessons while others teach you how to play actual songs. Some even specialize in teaching people how to […]