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Repost Exchange Review: The Best Way to Grow Fast on Soundcloud?


In this day and age, technology is embedded in every single niche and market that you could imagine.

And being a musician isn’t necessarily easy because let’s face it, the market is oversaturated and standing out from the rest requires you to be clever and competitive. Composing great tracks of your own is not always enough; sometimes you need a hand to boost your musical career.

Well, no need to worry as you might just find the solution in our Repost Exchange review. Repost Exchange is an app you can use to share music with other artists and gain viewership and exposition from their follower base.

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As An Artist I Want People To Enjoy My Music

One of my favourite hobbies is, without a doubt, listening to music. But not any kind of music since as an individual, I have a specific taste. I’m into electronic music, specifically Synthwave and Chillwave. Anyways, it wouldn’t take long for me to fall in love with the content of my favourite artists, so much so that I yearned to share my own style with the world.

However, I faced one unpleasant challenge most musicians experience- the competition surpassed me by a long stretch and not only that, my mixes barely reached my friends and with some luck, a handful of people more. Nevertheless, I wasn’t willing to give up without a fight. Shortly after, I met a friend on a forum who introduced me to Repost Exchange, and I must say that the results have been a true wonder.

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Main Features

As you probably already can guess, Repost Exchange has a series of features that make it stand out from the rest of traffic exchange platforms. To start with, it is tailored for musicians and SoundCloud. The following are detailed overviews of each feature Repost Exchange has to offer.

Promote Your Music: This app enables you to share your work with other users, but with one key difference. You can contact members of the community with similar content, who will help you by reposting your music. It also grants you the chance to start campaigns, reaching a wider audience.

Real Results: Repost Exchange guarantees real results. This means all the stats that you will receive will be concrete data about the reach and impact of your content.

Innovative system: This feature ensures compliance with the standards in the platform, ensuring a healthy environment in every way.

No Bots: A huge selling point for this platform is the complete absence of bots. No one wants to see their content being promoted by lifeless bots as this takes away the authenticity of the whole thing and destroys the whole purpose of sharing music. Luckily for you, Repost Exchange offers a service 100% free of them. All the playbacks will come from real people who are potential new followers.

Trusty Security: This app is backed by an experienced team on informatic security. What does this mean? All the content shared on this platform is properly protected.

Plans For Everyone: As you could expect, there is a free plan available, which will allow you to share your tracks with the rest of the world in a very comfortable and effective manner. But this is not all since you can opt for a paid plan with significant advantages to grow even further.

Friendly UI: The interface of this app not only looks nice but is also very intuitive and easy to use. You won’t need a tutorial to take advantage of its features.

How Does Repost Exchange Work?

Repost Exchange is a platform that links to SoundCloud and offers the possibility to get your tracks reposted by other artists. In return, you repost their content as well. This serves to create an extensive network that provides mutual support and the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

It is vital to point out that in order to request a repost of your songs, credits are needed. When starting, you shall have at your disposal 30 credits, and once they are consumed, you will receive 10 credits a day. This clearly means that you have a limit to share your music, although your new followers on the platform will be able to share the content of the other users in an unlimited way. So in this way, everyone wins.

What Can We Expect From Repost Exchange?

For newcomers who are just joining the music industry, we can say that is a very handy tool since it will allow them to make themselves known in a very easy and comfortable way.

Repost Exchange provides the option to share your music through an extensive network of users and from the very beginning, targets a general audience who is already interested. This represents a key aspect to achieve success.


  • Featuring an intuitive interface that allows the user to browse through it very easily.
  • Awesome plans for newcomers and experienced users alike, including up to 3 paid plans.
  • Statistics in real time about the reception and of your content, so you will be aware of how your songs are performing.
  • An extensive and friendly community that encourages cooperation and the sharing of content.
  • A reliable security system for your ease of mind and total protection.
  • Extensive catalogue of music that encompasses every single genre out there, so each user will feel identified.
  • Repost Exchange is an evolving platform with huge potential and future opportunities.


  • It is only compatible with SoundCloud, so, no support for Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, etc.
  • Repost Exchange still does not have enough presence to make itself known throughout the world.
  • The free plan despite offering 30 credits, can get short for the needs of users who are just getting started.
  • The limit of only 10 reposts a day on SoundCloud could compromise our growth.

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Repost Exchange, A Platform Ideal For Musicians And Composers

This app is focused on the development of users who wish to venture into the world of music, either by sharing their own songs or those of their favourite artists. It offers a great shot to get out of anonymity as soon as possible, although the latter also depends on the quality of your music.

Regardless of that, we highly recommend it and can appreciate the potential of Repost Exchange.

👉 Click here to Learn More about RepostExchange and Get Started Now!

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  • Just read this post, and I have to say that I definitely agree. Not only does it does its job, but it also encourages me to continue on producing thanks to a lot of genuine feedback I get from other people via comments left on some of my tracks. It really is legit and it really is one of the best ways to get your stuff out there (besides Submithub).


  • Stay away. I have written evidence proving that this company uses its access to your Soundclound account to collect data on all the accounts affiliated with it (i.e. people who have given you likes, reposts, follows etc…) without your (or their) knowledge or consent. It is a straight up scam where they try to grab a foothold in the market of social media promotion by encouraging people who were previously paying real money for promotion, to stop doing that and instead start paying for it with their make-believe credits. They do exactly the same job as the paid-for organic promotion sites (albeit a lot more slowly), with the notable difference being that you must pay with their own private, make-believe monetary system. Total scam.


    • Hi Steely and thanks for your message,
      Can you tell us more about what you claim? You didn’t get the exposure you paid for?


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