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Simply Piano Review: Is It The Best Way To Learn The Piano at Home?


There are many reasons why the Internet plays a significant role in the lives of pianists and piano enthusiasts all over the world. First of all, it is a treasure of relevant musical content that they can browse for inspiration. Additionally, platforms like Youtube have many performances and professionals that everyone else can discover and even learn from.

The internet is also full of musical resources, such as free sheet music that everyone can use, along with making it possible to meet fellow musicians and pianists online. All these things are enough to make one wonder how great performers of the past ever made it without the internet.

Pianos are unique, and apart from being interesting, they are also fun to play. Just a few short years ago, learning to play the piano was an expensive affair that took years to perfect. However, this is not the case anymore. With the advent of the Internet, all that it takes to learn how to play is a little bit of effort, and a little fundamental knowledge of keys, chords, and notes.

Today, all you have to do is practice at the comfort of your home and before you realize it, you will have taught yourself how to play this magnificent instrument.

The saddest thing is that many people promise themselves to do exactly this but never live up to their promise. Perhaps this is because it sounds like a lot of work, or perhaps it sounds too scary or too big a task to accomplish.

If you have always wanted to learn how to play, the best thing you can do is start today. How can you do that, you ask?

Well, by taking advantage of tools that the internet has made possible, such as SimplyPiano. SimplyPiano makes the learning process fun, and the best part is that you do not even need to own any special keyboard to learn.

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What Is Simply Piano?

simply piano in use

SimplyPiano is an application programmed to listen to what you play on any generic keyboard or piano or even an onscreen keyboard, then follow through as a teacher.

With this kind of robot learning method, reading music will come easily to you, and in no time you will be playing familiar songs and adopting good musical habits. SimplyPiano is the perfect guide for beginners, and even if you have never handled a keyboard, this tool will teach you how to in a few sessions.

You could learn how to play the piano quickly and conveniently. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner with no basic skills or a pro. SimplyPiano has got you covered. SimplyPiano will work with any keyboard or piano at your disposal to make you a great pianist.

SimplyPiano is an app developed by JoyTunes. JoyTunes also developed Piano Fust Buster and Piano Maestro, both of which are award-winning applications. These apps are useful in teaching and many teachers in the world love them.

They have over 1 million teaching songs that are used to teach students every week. JoyTunes are experts in developing and animating music apps that teach piano quickly and easy.

SimplyPiano is an award-winning application that is responsible for teaching tens of thousands of musicians or pianists today. The application through its great course of work has won quite a number of awards including the World Summit Award given to them by the United Nations, the EMI’s Innovation Challenge, the Best Tools For Beginners NAMM, the Parents Choice Awards, ‘Golden App’ Apps for Homeschooling, GameIS’ Best Tablet Game Award, and many more.

What makes it different?

simply piano app

With SimplyPiano, learners get lots of great songs that they can identify with, including popular ones like Chandelier, Imagine, Counting Stars, All of me, and many more.

You are also guided right from the basics, and you are taken step-by-step starting from reading sheet music to when you become proficient and begin using both hands to play.

SimplyPiano also gives you a chance to choose different music depending on your taste. You could also opt for certain levels to begin at depending on what you already know.

You also have the chance to slow down your library songs to enable you to learn at your own pace. It also has 5-minutes workouts that ensure you are making the right progress in the right amount of time.

SimplyPiano has been designed for all ages and all experience levels. You don’t need to have previous knowledge to use the app to learn. They also have touch courses that use 3D touch which turns various devices into on-screen keyboards.

My experience with simply piano

simply piano

Learning to play the piano has been a long, winding road for me. I remember getting frustrated a lot of times, and even abandoned the whole thing altogether for a while once or twice.

Ever since I started using SimplyPiano, things have been great. I couldn’t believe how streamlined the learning process is. It has motivated me to stick with piano learning, and I definitely do not regret taking advantage of this nifty tool.

The app is simple to use since they have put everything you will need in your lessons right there on the dashboard. This application is also well laid out and very neat, something that I discovered plays a major role in motivating me to keep using it.

The lessons are comprehensive, and in plenty, with lots of instruction on what you need to do. Simply piano gives you a wide range of songs, from simple ones to intermediate songs and if you want, you could even go for advanced formats since they are also present on the platform.

When I started using this app, I took things slow to get the best out of it. At first, beginner lessons were a little boring and frustrating. However, with time, things began to pick up and everything became much more interesting.

I have to say, though, that the app’s packages are a bit on the high side. I wish the developers would consider reducing the prices a little to suit a wider user base, or at least introduce more package options that have shorter periods.

SimplyPiano is a great tool to learn to play a keyboard or piano. But it needs time and patience. Learners need to do a lot of practice to get good at it.

With enough practice, you’ll get to develop better finger control and good sight-reading. Developing technique through practice is the best thing anyone could achieve by using this app.

How SimplyPiano works

SimplyPiano listens to sound and recognizes it. To use it, you have to place your device on top of your MIDI/acoustic keyboard or piano then play.

The app will listen to what you play then recognize it. It will then give you instant feedback on what it has just heard. In this way, it teaches you to play better.

It also allows you to experience the fun and joy of discovering and playing the wide variety of songs in its library. To become a pro, you have to complete the courses you are offered.

Pricing, Subscriptions, and Payment

All SimplyPiano users are allowed 2 free courses. You can upgrade to a premium subscription to get all courses at any time. With your premium subscription, you get to receive updates and new song releases each month.

The application is set to auto-renew all recurring courses. However, if you don’t want this to happen, you have to turn this feature off for at least 24 hours at the end of your current period. Turning it off before the period also works.

If you don’t turn this function off or you want your subscription to auto-renew, you will be charged within those 24 hours, before the end of your current period. The amount surcharged will be the total cost of the package you’ve subscribed for.

If you are offered any free trials and you proceed to purchase the same publication, your unused portion will be forfeited where applicable.

To turn off auto-renewal, you have to turn off the auto-renewal functionality after you make a purchase. This function will be found in your Account Settings. You cannot cancel your subscriptions after you make purchases. You have to wait until the allocated period expires.

SimplyPiano piano is a must-have app for piano and keyboard students. To enjoy the great learning services they offer, you have to subscribe to one of the following packages:

A 3-month recurring subscription at $59.99 (USD)
A 6-month recurring subscription at $89.99 (USD)
A yearly recurring subscription at $119.99 (USD)

simply piano playing


  • SimplyPiano is easy to comprehend, it has a simple interface that can be operated even by children.
  • The app is like an educational game, android users can even connect it to an OTG and connect it to a USB device and it works flawlessly.
  • If you don’t have a piano, the app has an on-screen keyboard which you can practice on.
  • The 5 minutes practice sessions are great for learning, they help you learn faster.
  • You can use this app instead of learning from people.


  • Their subscriptions are often clustered into 3, 6, and yearly packages, having smaller packages could come in handy.
  • The app sometimes fails to recognize audio, making users repeat playing tones until it senses. This can be rather tiresome.
  • There is no option to opt-out of a subscription.

simply piano review


In my experience, this app is really great. It is pretty effective in keeping its students motivated and getting them to want to learn how to play. So far, I have only had a little problem with the app’s ability to recognize what I play.

Whenever I use it, the app makes me feel like a rockstar and their choice of songs is spectacular! Additionally, SimplyPiano has a pretty neat organization system, with every chapter they’ve prepared for you teaching you something new when complete.

Their visual concepts are also streamlined and motivate students to get every note right. On the downside, their sheet music that has been designed for beginners is pretty boring if you know the basics and pretty frustrating if you are just figuring things out.

However, once everything falls into place, your overall experience transcends to a whole new level.

When all is said and done, I believe this app is really good and I would gladly recommend it to anybody trying to learn piano fast.

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